Scottie + Melissa: Henry Hagg Lake, OR




This couple is special, and even more special to me. We all grew up together in our home town of Wilsonville and I would refer to these kiddos more like siblings than just friends. Scottie and Mel grew up more as best friends and didn’t find love with each other until adulthood- better late than never ha! These two have quite the love story 🙂


We decided to head out to Hagg Lake for the shoot and little did we realize, there is no cell service ha! We spent about an hour trying to find each other around the lake, what the heck did we do without cells phones just a few years ago? Regardless we got some beautiful weather at the lake that day and more than enough time to explore.

I can not wait for this summer wedding, I am so honored to be able to document the most important day of your lives. Love you both to the moon and back.

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