Pat+ Kaylie: River Haven, Wilsonville OR





When I think back to last summer when these two tied the knot, I think about the fickle weather and how it explains the entire mood of this day. When I first it arrived it was overcast, then it was began pouring down rain right when all the guests were seated for dinner and the evening ended with some stunning sun shine. The emotions of this day were all so similar, with a feel of peace, tears for pure happiness and love, missing for the ones who had past too soon and more laughter than I have ever witnessed.

This day touched my heart as this groom and his family were a large part of my upbringing in our small town of Wilsonville. I got to watch Pat and Kaylie’s love grow and grow for each other for years- so this day was much needed 🙂 I truly cherish this day and so thankful to be apart of it, thank you Pat and Kaylie.

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