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As a little girl growing up in a small town, I desired to travel the world, meet new people and see new things. My upbringing taught me about hard work, appreciating everything you have, developing tough skin, being kind to everyone and working with my hands.

After spending most of my life studying everything about art, working in design and management, I married the most kind man, had two healthy babies and moved to Bend, OR. It was here that my love for film photography returned after years of photographing weddings. The light, colors & process of film, captivates me and reminds me of where I started and why I fell in love in that dark room years ago. It challenges me to slow down and be intentional in preserving time.
I believe we all have a gift on this earth to give others. Building strong relationships with people and using my gifts to capture and share their story, is mine. Life is all about navigating through this journey, seeing possibility, being vulnerable, working hard and loving each other with God's grace. Photography is my creative outlet, helping me unveil the beauty in nature and people. 

I believe this masterpiece of we call earth, was not made for us to simply sit in one place our entire lives. It was made to explore, discover and nurture. So take me where you want to go, let's build a lasting relationship and I'll be right by your side to share your story.

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I never knew I could love like this. I've never worked so hard and been so proud. This sweet family of mine is my entire world. I can not wait to show these little people this lovely world and grow old with them.


There is only so much room in your heart for certain things. Travel is one of them. I long to see this entire world, its places and its people while I'm here residing on this planet. Discovering new places, meeting new people, learning new things, eating new foods- it's my true passion.


Oh boy! Food makes me so happy, how can it not? Growing up in one of the best foodie spots in the country, it has tainted my preferences on a tasty meal. Take me out to an amazing meal, with deep conversation and a perfectly designed space and atmosphere, and you've won my heart!


If laughter was a love language, it would be mine. My entire life my family has been collecting my one liners for my future stand up performance. If it weren't for my awful stage freight, I'd be traveling the world bringing people gut wrenching belly laughs. Jokes cure all and if you know me, I wont last more than 5 minutes with out some good laughs.


I am a morning person through and through. The day has only begun and only good can be had. I imagine heaven is presented in the quiet morning, with a cup of coffee in my hand, birds chirping, sunrise over the water with my creator sitting in the silence. It's my resting place in all of the chaos of this life.